Keep Your Car’s Cabin Clean With These Steps

wipes in car

wipes in car

There are so many ways to dirty up the interior of a car. You can track mud on your shoes, spill a drink, and leave trash behind when exiting. And that’s just the mess created without kids in the car. Little ones have a way of turning vehicles into mobile playrooms, so you can take your mess and multiply it by about 100 when the kiddos are along for the ride.

Your interior can instantly go from spotless to a disaster with so many contributing factors. That means that as soon as you finish cleaning, it’s time to start again. That’s not a fun use of your time, so make a change by following these tips to keep the car’s cabin clean.

Add a Trash Bin to Your Car

Your car might not be the first place you think of when buying trash cans, but it can benefit from one. Of course, you can’t go with a kitchen-sized garbage can for your vehicle, but smaller, car-friendly options are available. If possible, choose a waterproof container that you can hang from the headrest. Also, make sure it has a lid, so garbage doesn’t fly around every time you slam the brakes. Once you find what you’re looking for, put it in the car and place the garbage in it instead of the seat or floor.

Install Organizers

Whether you’re dealing with messy kids or adults, organizers can help you keep your car clean. First, pick up an organizer that you can hang on the back of your car seat. Then place your must-have items in the pockets so they’ll always be easy to find and within reach.

Once you finish getting organized, spread the word to your family, so they know there’s a new system in place. Also, consider setting a rule that everyone has to put everything back in the right place before getting out of the car. Staying clean and organized is a team effort, and it’ll be so much easier with your family on board.

Stick Upholstery Wipes in the Glove Box

Staying organized is essential, but it won’t prevent dirt and spills. Fortunately, you can stay on top of the mess by stashing some upholstery wipes in your glove box. Take them out to wipe away dirt or clean up spills the second you notice the problem. Spills and dirt are easier to clean when fresh, and it’s less overwhelming when you tackle messes right away.

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Put on Seat Covers

If you’re serious about keeping your car clean, installing seat covers can help you reach your goal. They’ll prevent dirt, grime, and stains from getting on your seats so that you can keep the material in pristine condition. Then you can stop stressing about spills and enjoy the drive.

Are you looking at this list and thinking, “I could go through every step, and my car will still be a disaster?” Indeed, upholstery wipes and trash cans aren’t always enough. Sometimes, the best path forward is to start over with a fresh set of wheels. If that’s your current situation, visit us at Cavender Ford in Columbus, Texas. From the new Bronco to the EcoSport and other options, we have just what you are looking for in your next vehicle. Thus, check out our inventory online or drive right over to see the vehicles in person.

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