DIY Valentine’s Day Wall Art



You did it for Christmas. You did it for Halloween. Why not do it for Valentine’s Day, too? We’re talking about go all out with home decorations. Okay, not a tree with a bunch of heart shaped ornaments or anything, but how about some DIY Valentine’s Day wall art for your home or office? If you’re game, here’s what you need to do:


First and foremost, you’ll need some canvases. They are pretty easy to find at local arts and crafts stores and typically are not very expensive.

  • 8×10 Canvases
  • Heart Doilies
  • Pom Poms
  • Foam Heart Stickers
  • Small Artificial Flowers
  • Yarn
  • Tissue Paper Streamers
  • Heart Confetti

Step One

Trace a Heart. The first step of nearly everything that has to do with Valentine’s Day involves the initial crafting of some sort of heart shape, and this DIY project is no exception. Measure where you want it on the campus and use a pencil.

Heart Art Options

  • Fill Your Heart with Pom Poms. Use a glue gun to attach pom poms inside your heart. It’s best to start around the edges and then just fill in the center.
  • Flower Heart Art. Try cutting the stems off the artificial flowers and then glue the blooms to your canvas in a similar fashion as the way you did the pom poms, starting on the border of your heart again.
  • Tissue. For this one, cut two strips of crepe paper and then scrunch it into little balls. Get your glue gun back out and glue the outline or fill the entire heart.
  • Glitter Heart Art. With a small brush, spread an even later of Mod Podge within the borders of your heart outline. Then, sprinkle your heart glitter.

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Yarn Heart Art

Looking for a challenge? This one might take a little longer, but you may find that the finished product is worth it. Use Elmer’s glue and press the yarn into place. Who knows? You may want to leave this one up all year.

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