Headed To La Grange? Don’t Miss Weikel’s Bakery

variety of cakes and pastries

variety of cakes and pastries

How far would you travel for some baked goods? Down the street? A few miles? Whatever your answer is, it’s probably not very far. That’s a sign that you’ve yet to eat the divine goodies at Weikel’s Bakery in La Grange, TX. That half-hour drive from Columbus feels like nothing when there’s a kolache, sweet roll, or another iconic item from Weikel’s waiting for you to arrive. In fact, after your first trip, you’ll likely be willing to drive twice or even three times as far to dig into the pastries and sweets once again.

Does a half hour still seem like too far? If you’re unsure of making the drive, get the scoop on what makes this bakery stand out. Then, instead of saying, “I can get cupcakes anywhere,” you’ll proclaim, “I’m heading to Weikel’s Bakery because I want the best breakfast pastries and desserts in this part of Texas.”

Try the Legendary Kolaches That Inspired an NYC Eatery

You might not think that New York and La Grange, Texas, have much in common, but they share at least one thing: kolaches. And while you probably assume the pastry made the trip from the Big Apple to this small Texas city, the opposite is true. The kolaches at Weikel’s Bakery are so phenomenal that former customer Autumn Stanford opened her bakery featuring the pastry after moving to New York. That’s what happens when you move away from your favorite restaurant, and everything you try pales in comparison. Instead of going without, you open up a restaurant and serve the same dish. Now, that’s an inspiring pastry.

So, what elevates these pastries to the point that someone would take out a business loan to get another taste? Well, it starts with the fresh, moist dough that’s softer than you normally get with a kolache. The dough helps the kolaches remain tender and fresh for days, explaining why people load up and take them home.

While the dough takes them to the next level, the flavors push the kolaches into the stratosphere without a competitor in view. See, most bakeries stick with the standard flavors, and Weikel’s has those. However, it also offers unique fruit kolaches that you can’t find at the other bakeries throughout Texas. Thus, if you have a craving for something different, this is where you’ll find it.

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Don’t Forget Your Sweets

You might come for the kolaches, but ignoring the sweets would be a mistake. From the Czech specialties to the pies, muffins, and cupcakes, there’s something for every sweet tooth out there. Oh, and the lemon bars are so good that you should double up to have extras for the ride home. Are they as good as the kolaches? You’ll have to be the judge of that, but they’ll make your mouth water, and your taste buds will burst into a happy dance.

The bakery’s menu is extensive, so this is just a quick glimpse. You can see it all in person or have the food come to you by ordering it online. Weikel’s Bakery has partnered with Goldbelly and ships the treats all over. That makes you wonder if a box of kolaches will end up in NYC to reunite with one of their biggest fans.

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