Bring Your Horse Along On Vacation

A Woman and Her Horse

Do you stick close to home because you can’t stand being away from your horse for long? It’s a common problem for riding enthusiasts, and there’s a solution. Instead of staying home or leaving your horse behind, bring him along on the trip. While that might sound challenging, these tips for bringing your horse on vacation simplify the process.

Stay at a Bed and Barn

You’ve heard of bed and breakfast facilities, but what about a bed and barn? As the name implies, it provides a place for horses and their human companions to stay the night. You’ll find various choices, ranging from private hotels to old houses and converted stables. After you find some, you can whittle down your list by removing locations that don’t have easy access to the riding trails or are a miss when it comes to scenery.

Then reach out to the top contender and ask about the health requirements for the horses, the nightly fee, and what that fee includes. For instance, some facilities provide stall cleaning, feed, and bedding, while others make boarders pay for extras. If you choose such a place, you might fly past your budget when setting the final bill.

Embark on a Horseback Riding Vacations

If you want to spend more time atop your horse, a riding vacation might be up your alley. The entire vacation will center around riding, so you’ll spend most of your time doing what you love. You can find riding vacations in the United States and abroad, although overseas travel for you and your horse will make a pretty sizable dent in your budget.

Regardless of where you go, you can expect to ride with others that share your skill and experience level. After joining the group, you’ll take off for the day and keep riding until you get to your accommodations for the night. Some companies have central locations that riders return to each night, while others venture out and stay somewhere new every evening. You’ll get to spend ample time riding either way, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

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Head to a Guest Ranch

If you want a mixture of activities, a guest ranch has you covered. However, not all ranches let visitors bring their horses, so call ahead before booking. Then you and your horse can gallop into the sunset all the way to the ranch. Once there, you’ll get to ride tons of different trails, and wranglers will be on hand to do the hard work when you dismount. And while you won’t want to share this with your horse, you can also ride different horses during your visit. You can also lend a hand around the ranch if you want to live the cowboy lifestyle during the trip.

Bringing a horse on vacation isn’t as easy as letting a friend or family member tag along. Even so, it’s not an overwhelming challenge, and it’s such a thrilling experience that any work you put into it will be well worth it. First, decide what type of vacation you want to go on, and then make plans for you and your horse.

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