Classic Texan Holiday Dishes

Homemade Cut Up Cornbread

Do you want to add a bit of Texas flair to your holiday table this year? Instead of changing up your décor, you can switch out your menu. Add these classic Texan holiday dishes to your menu to celebrate the Lone Star State this Thanksgiving.

Deep-fried Turkey

You can’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Texas without some fried food. While all fried foods are delicious, nothing beats a deep-fried turkey. Deep frying locks in the flavors while keeping the bird moist, so your family will devour each bite. Don’t worry if you’ve never deep-fried a turkey before. This deep-fried turkey recipe will guide you through the process.

Sweet Potatoes With Ginger, Pecans, and Jalapenos

Traditional sweet potato casserole might be tasty, but it doesn’t have that Texas spice. You can bring some heat to your spread with this recipe for Sweet Potatoes with Ginger, Pecans, and Jalapenos. Between the heat of the jalapenos and the crunch of the pecans, there’s so much to love about this dish.

Pecan Dressing

You can also add some crunch to your stuffing with this Pecan Dressing recipe. You have a couple of options for this. First, you can whip it up and then use it to stuff your turkey. Then the flavors will come through in the turkey. You can also make it to use as dressing. Now, there’s one thing to keep in mind if you want to use it for stuffing. You can’t stuff and then deep fry a turkey.


Do you usually serve rolls with the Thanksgiving meal? This year, buck tradition by going with cornbread instead. This is a way to stay true to your Texas roots while adding some flavor to the spread. Of course, not all cornbread recipes are created equal. If you want true Texas flavors, use this recipe for Cornbread.

Cranberry and Pecan Tamales

Why serve cranberry sauce when you can offer cranberry and pecan tamales? This recipe for Cranberry and Pecan Tamales celebrates all the flavors of fall, and it’s so much tastier than regular cranberry sauce. Now, it might be unusual to serve tamales for Thanksgiving since the dish usually makes its debut around Christmas. However, your family will thank you after taking their first bites.

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Creamed Corn With Crispy Bread Crumb Toppings

Your table won’t be complete without some corn. Take it up a notch this year with this recipe for Creamed Corn with Crispy Bread Crumb Topping. In true Texas style, the corn is dense, spicy, and divine. Oh, and it has some bacon in it, which is always a plus.

These dishes might be a departure from your normal Thanksgiving meal, but you’ll never go back to the old way of doing things again. They are so flavorful that you’ll want to add a bit of Texas to the menu each holiday season.

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