The Columbus, TX Country Market Is Back

fresh vegetables at farmer's market

It’s been a long wait, but the Columbus, Texas Country Market is finally back. It started last month and is open on the last Saturday of each month through November, so that the next one will be on April 30. When the date rolls around, you can stop by the Historic Courthouse Square in downtown Columbus from 9 a.m. until noon to shop for local goods, enjoy live music, and hang out with members of the community. Learn more about the popular Country Market and make plans to stop by with your friends or family.

Support Local Farmers While Shopping for Fresh Goods

Do you need some fresh produce and meat for cooking? You can find everything you’re looking for while supporting local farmers at the Columbus, Texas Country Market. Many of the same farmers come month after month and have an assortment of fresh goodies, ranging from produce to beef. You won’t have any trouble preparing a delicious meal after loading up on ingredients at the market.

Grab Some Ready-to-eat Food

Looking at all those fresh ingredients can make you hungry, but that’s not a problem when you’re at the Country Market. There are tons of ready-to-eat food options here, including street tacos and BBQ. Because the market is open to new vendors, you never know what you might find here, so be sure to browse the ready-to-eat options.

Shop Local Vendors and Artisans as Far as the Eye Can See

Once you’re full, you’ll be ready to explore the vendor booths. You can stop by booths full of handmade products, such as soaps, air fresheners, bags, and knickknacks. Oh, and the local vendors also have honey, fresh bread, and other goodies. There’s so much to buy that it’ll be hard to carry it all. Be sure to park close so you can unload your items before going back around for a second trip.

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Hang Out for a Bit

You’ll also want to drop your stuff off at your car so you can hang out at the market when you finish shopping. There’s live music, plus games for the kiddos. With so much to do, your entire family will have a blast here.

The County Market is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. Make plans to go on April 30, and then mark your calendar for the last Saturday of each month.

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