Upgrade Your Crop Defense With These High-Tech Scarecrows

Scarecrow in a Wheatfield

Scarecrow in a Wheatfield

Years ago, a drive through the country meant you would encounter one scarecrow after the next. Now, countless gardeners and farmers have turned to high-tech options to protect their crops from birds and other pests. Instead of consisting of some straw and clothes, these options utilize technology to provide amazing results. First, get the details on the best high-tech scarecrows. Then you can make your purchase and protect your crops.

The Scarecrow 180/360 and Scarecrow Patrol

The Scarecrow Group is leading the pack when it comes to high-tech scarecrows. It manufactures an automatic bird control system called the Scarecrow 180/360 and a portable megaphone named the Scarecrow Patrol. These systems emit bird distress calls that cause birds to flee the scene as fast as they can. Both products contain distress calls from various species, so you can easily keep your farmland or garden bird-free with one of these systems.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer

A sprinkler system might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for ways to protect your crops. However, the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer does its job well. It uses sensors to detect pests and then sprays them. The water scares them enough that they’ll stay away from your crops for the long term. You can set it up so it only sprays at certain times, or you can keep it on for 24 hours a day.

ProHawk UAV

If you want the ultimate in bird control, check out the ProHawk UAV bird control drone. You can set it to autopilot, and then it will fly around your property, patrolling the area. The sound of the rotors is enough to keep most pests away. Plus, it sends bird distress calls for those pesky birds that don’t mind some rotor noise. If you have a bird problem, this will solve it.

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The California Scarecrow

The California Scarecrow is one of the most interesting options out there. The product’s massive 17-foot wings are in constant rotation, scaring birds away with ease. The wings rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, so birds and other pests cannot detect a pattern. That means that once they get scared, they stay scared. Also, since it doesn’t use recordings, cannons, or other devices, it’s much quieter and less intrusive. Now, it is large, so keep that in mind before purchasing it.

Your farm or garden will be safe and sound if you get one of these devices. Then you can finally retire your old scarecrow and go high-tech.

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