Explore Fall Colors On A Hike

Senior woman hiking on the mount

With the cooler air and changing leaves, now is the ideal time to go on a hike. There are numerous hiking trails near Columbus, Texas, so you can find one that fits your outdoor style. Get the details on the top places to hike, grab your gear, and prepare to immerse yourself in the beauty of fall.

Stephen F. Austin State Park

You can start your outdoor adventure at Stephen F. Austin State Park in Felipe, TX. The park has several trails that take you through forests and down to the Brazos River. As you walk along the trails, you’ll take in more than the changing leaves. The state park is home to an abundance of wildlife, so keep your eyes open. You never know what you might see when you visit this park.

Buescher State Park

Buescher State Park is located in nearby Smithville, TX, and is also a popular hiking destination. If you want to immerse yourself fully in nature, tackle the Winding Woodland, Barred Owl, and Roosevelt’s Cutoff Loop. The loop is 5.6 miles in length and will take you through the forest. And while the hike might be long, the trail is easy, so it’s ideal for soaking up nature. You can take your time, enjoy the views, and even rest a bit along the way.

Lake Somerville State Park and Trailway

If you love hiking, you’ll also want to go to Lake Somerville State Park and Trailway in Somerville, TX. The park has close to 40 miles of trails, so you can come back over and over and still have something new to explore. No matter which path you choose, you can expect to spot wildlife, changing leaves, and more. Oh, and you might even see an alligator when you get close to the water.

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Palmetto State Park

If you find yourself in Gonzales, TX, be sure to stop by Palmetto State Park. The trails here are a bit on the short side, but the scenery is some of the best around. Whether hiking along the San Marcos River or going through the trees, you’ll see nature at its best here. And now is the best time to go since the weather is getting cooler. The park’s swampy conditions can make it too hot for hiking in the heat of summer, so don’t miss your chance to see it this fall.

The changing leaves are likely pretty in your neighborhood, but they pale in comparison to what you’ll see if you visit these hiking trails. Load up some gear and head out. Then get ready to soak up fall’s vibrant colors, wildlife, and other sights.

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