Fill Your Home With Fall Via These DIY Candles

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Many people say that fall is their favorite season. But it can seem like it passes by too quickly. Using fall-scented candles is a great way to enjoy the beautiful and delicious scents of fall for as long as possible. Here are some great fall candle DIY recipes you can try that’ll fill your home with fall goodness.

Crisp Apple Soy Candles

To get the crisp apple scent, you’ll need to use a synthetic fragrance oil or a natural candle fragrance that mimics the scent of apples. In addition, this recipe will make many jars of candles. You’ll need:

  • 1 ounce of candle fragrance
  • 4 glue dots
  • 1 pound of soy wax flakes
  • 8 wood wicks
  • 4 4-ounce mason jars
  • 4 wood wick clips

First, prep your wicks by sticking two into each wood wick clip. Then, use a glue dot to stick it in place in the jar. Then, use a kitchen scale to measure your wax and put it into a candle-melting pitcher. Use the double boiler method by placing the pitcher into another pot filled with two inches of water. Melt the wax on medium-low heat, stirring often until it has melted. Of course, check your melted wax with a thermometer to ensure it is safe to put the fragrance oil in. Add it with a slow stir, then pour your scented wax into the mason jars. Finally, trim the wicks once your wax cools after about an hour. Let them cure for three days.

Pumpkin Pie à la Mode

You can also use regular wicks instead of wood for these candles. In addition, chopsticks are a great way to stabilize your wicks. To get the pumpkin pie scent, you’ll need:

  • Vanilla bean
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Ground pumpkin spice

Once you have melted your wax, add the vanilla bean and seeds, cinnamon, and ground pumpkin spice, and stir gently with a chopstick. Then, pour the mixture into your prepared jars with wicks.

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Coffee Cake Candles

These candles are perfect if you don’t like to brew coffee in the evening but want its warm scent. Use soy flakes and wooden wicks and clips for this type. To get the yummy coffee scent, add 1.25-ounces of coffee cake oil to 14 ounces of soy flakes. And if you want to use a different container, try two eight-ounce ramekins. In addition, you can use this recipe without the wicks to create wax melts. If you are making the wax melts, use silicone trays in fun fall-themed shapes.

There are many types of candles you can make and many ways to customize them. Of course, you can always buy candles from the store, but there’s something about making your own that feels more like fall. Experiment with these recipes or try your own take and enjoy your DIY candles.

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