Give Back to Your Community This Season

Volunteer taking care of dog in shelter

Are you looking for ways to give back to your community this season but aren’t sure how to help? Soup kitchens and food banks might be your first thought, but organizers typically create volunteer schedules well in advance, so there might not be a need. However, there are numerous other volunteer and donation options available. Whether you want to give supplies or time, you can do your part this season.

Help Animals in Need

You can make a huge difference in your community by helping animals in need. First, the local animal shelter might need volunteers. You can help out by spending time with the animals, walking the dogs, and more. If you don’t have the time, you can still lend a hand by donating food or other supplies. Contact the shelter to find out what it needs, and then you can drop some items off to support the cause.

Assist Your Neighbors

Do you have any elderly neighbors or know people with mobility issues? While some of them might have family nearby, others could be on their own. If there is a neighbor in need, you can volunteer your services. You can help with food and errands or keep the person company.

Donate Clothing

Fall is a fantastic time to clean out your closet. You’ll likely find some items you don’t wear anymore. Make a pile of winter garments and coats, and then drop them off at a local charity. Then the charity can distribute warm clothes and outerwear to those in need. Men’s, women’s, and children’s garments are in demand this time of year, so everyone can pitch in and help.

Put Your Skills to Work

You can use the site VolunteerMatch to find opportunities around the country. When you get to the site, select your skills, and it will display opportunities. Then you can lend a hand from the comfort of home. Depending on your skills, you might find yourself inputting data, updating social media profiles, building websites, or even designing logos. This is a fantastic way to use your skills to help non-profits around the country.

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Fund a Classroom

Teachers often have to pay for the supplies they need for their classrooms. This is a financial burden, and many can’t afford everything necessary to provide their students with a top-notch education. You can step in and help by donating to a project on First, browse through the projects to find one that sparks your interest. Then donate some funds to help teachers reach their goals.

Pick one or two opportunities to add to your to-do list this holiday season. Then have your family join in so you can start a tradition of service.

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