Keep Weeds In Check This Season

Woman removing weeds from her garden

Do you find yourself fighting with weeds in the spring and summer? You can solve the problem by creating a plan to control your weeds in the fall. By starting in the fall, you’ll find it much easier to manage your weeds when the seasons change. With that in mind, check out these fall weed control tips.

Find Weeds That Require Spot Treatments

Canada thistle and other types of weeds develop in patches, so you can miss them if you apply a broadcast application of herbicides. Thus, you’ll want to use a targeted application to manage these weeds. When you find patches of weeds, check the condition of the foliage. This will provide insight into how to manage and control the patch of weeds.

Check for Healthy Weeds

Many people don’t realize that the foliage needs to be healthy for effective weed management. If the foliage has insect damage or weather signs, it won’t absorb the herbicides very well, making it harder to control the weeds. Thus, you want to tackle your healthy weeds with herbicides and dig up damaged foliage.

Be Mindful of the Herbicides You Use

Picloram, aminopyralid, and some other herbicides leave behind a residue on the foliage when used. If animals eat the foliage, the herbicides can end up in other areas. The herbicides could damage some of your plants, so keep that in mind when choosing products to use. If you have any sensitive plants nearby, select a product that will absorb into the foliage to prevent animals from transporting it.

Time Your Applications

Timing is also important when managing weeds. Herbicides are most effective when applied in temperatures that are at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it’s best if the sun is shining when using herbicides. If you check the temperature and sunlight before spraying weeds, you’ll discover it’s much easier to control them.

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Check Your Sod

While weed management is helpful, it’s even better if you can prevent weeds from growing in the first place. While it might be impossible to avoid any growth, you can limit weeds with a healthy sod. Many people have success by over-seeding to make the grass thicker. This makes it much more challenging for weeds to grow.

These tips will help you go into spring and summer with healthy, beautiful grass that isn’t overrun with weeds. Once your weeds are under control, they’ll be even easier to manage, so get started today.

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