Ranchers: Hydration Is Key!

Cucumber infused water

Living in Texas, we all know it is hot during the summer months. Some days can be well over 100 degrees, which can dehydrate your body. Drinking enough water is a necessity to keep yourself feeling strong and hydrated throughout the day. With that being said, no one likes drinking boring, plain water so we found ways to amp up your hydration with the help of Self.

Add Natural Flavor

Grab a handful of fresh fruit and add it to your water pitcher. Steeping the fruit will add a little flavor to your water and each cup will taste better and better. Adding strawberries and blueberries, or cucumber and orange slices are just a few ideas.

Release and Replenish

An easy way to make a habit out of drinking water throughout the day is to drink a glass after every bathroom break. The more you build up this habit, the more water you will drink and the more hydrated you will be. You are already taking a break from tasks, so why not squeeze in another glass at the same time?

Before a Meal

You probably eat three meals a day. Add a glass of water before digging in and easily increase your hydration.

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Don’t Rely On Sports Drinks

We all love a good cold sports drink on a hot day. You might think those are a great alternative to water, tasty with electrolytes, but they are also loaded with sugar. Sugar can actually make you feel worse during hot days. Nothing replaces good cold water. Therefore, if you have a hard time breaking away from sports drinks, dilute them with cold water and ice to ensure you are getting the hydration you need to conquer the day.

The next time you are spending your day outside or even hanging indoors, try these tips to wet your whistle!

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