School Supplies: Buy The Essentials

Back to school supplies

The new school year is approaching quickly. Before we know it, it’ll be time to hit the stores for school supplies. But it can be easy to get swept up in the shopping and lose sight of what your kid needs. While many schools send home a list of classroom supplies, there are always certain items that nearly every kid will need. When you shop for school supplies this year, stick to buying the essentials with these tips.

Looking for the Right Lunch Box

Kids who usually eat at school may take their lunch from time to time, but many kids prefer to bring their lunch daily. Of course, finding the right lunch box is key to ensuring your kid’s lunch stays intact and tastes great when they get to lunchtime. You can make packing the lunch easier and forget about losing all the containers by choosing a leak-proof bento box with compartments. These boxes keep different foods separate, so things stay fresher.

Drink Bottle Dos and Don’ts

Going to school is thirsty work, and kids can’t always access fresh water from drinking fountains. In addition, you want to be able to send your kid with fresh water for lunch. The key is to find a drink bottle that is durable and leak-proof. Of course, kids are likely to drop or bang the bottle around, so metal or heavy-duty plastic are probably the best choices.

Bag it All Up

Kids want a fun and cool backpack, and you want one that will last the whole year. In fact, the backpack will probably have to survive being dragged, dropped, squished, thrown, and more. While the school supply bill can add up quickly, spending a little extra on a backpack that can handle everything is usually a wise investment.

If the Shoe Fits

Especially for younger kids, a good pair or two of shoes is essential. Little ones run, jump, skip, and tumble everywhere. Less expensive shoes may wear quickly and even hurt your child’s feet. Finally, it’s essential to take the time to get a good fit and find a shoe that will hold up to their activity level.

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Homework Supplies Keep Them on Task

Most schools send home a list of items children need to bring to class, but you’ll also need to grab a few things to keep at home. You’ll need paper, pencils, erasers, and more to ensure they can always get their homework done. It’s a good idea to provide a space where your child can study and do homework without too much disruption. Make sure there’s a good light for them. Also, don’t forget a ruler, some glue, and supplies like crayons or colored pencils for those inevitable last-minute projects.

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