Support Texas Businesses With This Year’s Gift Shopping

happy couple holiday shopping

Do you want to give back to the local community when holiday shopping this year? You can do just that by buying items from local businesses. This is because a large portion of the money you spend will go back into local communities and the state. Additionally, by buying local, you’ll be able to snap well-crafted, unique gifts for your friends and loved ones. Check out some of the best gifts you can purchase from Texas businesses.

Indigo Bracelet From Billy Baker Co.

Josh Madans founded Billy Baker Co. in 2016, bringing his handmade accessories to the masses. The Texas-based company offers all kinds of unique and stylish gifts for men, including the trendy Indigo Bracelet. Madans sources beads from around the world, and this bracelet features beads from Afghanistan. Thus, if you have a stylish man in your life, this is the ideal present.

Oscar Wall Clock From Son of a Sailor

Before getting married, Billy and Jessica Knopp courted one another from a distance, making and sending gifts to one another. After settling in Texas, the two decided to funnel their creativity and craftsmanship into a business. Shortly after, they launched Son of a Sailor. The husband-and-wife team offers a variety of products, including the gorgeous Oscar Wall Clock. The clock has a nautical look, and the timeless design means it’ll be a great fit in any room of the house.

Boot Scootin’ Sweets From Maggie Louise Confections

Do you want the perfect present for someone with a sweet tooth? Check out Boot Scootin’ Sweets by Maggie Louise Confections. Based out of East Austin, Maggie Louise Confections specializes in hand-painted gourmet chocolate with a Texas flair. Crafted to look like cowboy boots, the state of Texas, and more, these treats are undoubtedly tasty and artistic.

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Lavender and Cedar Soy Candle From Slow North Candles

Michelle Simmons operates Slow North Candles in North Austin. While most candle manufacturers mass-produce their merchandise, she hand-pours the soy wax and essential oils, making the candles in small batches. Simmons has lots of amazing products, but the Lavender and Cedar Soy Candle stands out. She blended cedarwood and lavender essential oils to create a unique, soothing scent.

As you can see, local businesses have some of the best holiday gifts around. Each time you buy one, you’ll support the state and local community. Plus, you’ll provide unique gifts instead of sending people the same types of presents year after year. That will add an extra bit of fun and excitement to the holiday season.

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