Teach Young Drivers The Rules of the Road With Ford MyKey®

dad and daughter driving

As a parent, if you have a child just learning how to drive, there can be a lot of nerves for the new driver and you. You can use some tools to get your son or daughter off to a good start. For example, Ford MyKey is a system that allows you to program certain driving modes into your vehicle. These restrict certain driving behaviors that can lead to better driving habits. If you are unfamiliar with MyKey, learn about it today and see how it can keep your teen safer driving in Columbus, TX, and anywhere else.

An Overview

Be aware that not every Ford vehicle has all the features of MyKey. Furthermore, you should know that some settings are standard and cannot change. This is to say that you cannot reprogram some settings when you use MyKey.

Standard Settings to Use

The standard settings are in place to help teen drivers successfully navigate the road and the obstacles they encounter. The first is the seatbelt reminder. Known as Belt-Minder, this setting is essential, particularly for those young drivers prone to not buckling up. It reminds the driver and passengers to fasten their seatbelts before moving the car.

Secondly, there is an earlier low-fuel warning. Unlike low-fuel warning signs, this alert tells your teen even earlier than normal when the fuel levels are getting close to empty. Importantly, this can give the young driver time to prepare to fill up.

When your teen uses MyKey, important driver alerts are available to keep everyone in the car safe. These include a lane-departure warning, stability systems, and parking aids. There is also a blind-spot information system, forward collision warning, and cross-traffic alert.

Lastly, there are two other features you should know about. MyKey can keep your teen from using the navigation system on the touchscreen while the car is moving. There is also a function that screens the radio content. This is useful if you want your teen driver to avoid adult content. This feature is not available everywhere, however.

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Optional Settings

Moreover, there are features that you can leave off or use, depending on your teen’s needs. One is a speed limit function. This keeps your teen from exceeding a certain speed. MyKey will indicate a tone when the driver reaches this point, and the driver won’t be able to go any faster by using the accelerator. In addition, a feature limits the volume to 45%. This allows your teen to concentrate on the road and stay safe.

As your teen drives, nothing is more important than safety. You must do your part as a parent to ensure your child understands how to obey the rules of the road. You can learn more about Ford MyKey when you visit the Cavender Ford in Columbus, TX. Stop by today.

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