The Key To A Healthy Barn

Horse in a stall

As a horse owner, you have three important jobs to do. You need to keep your horses safe, healthy, and happy. That’s much easier to do when you have a healthy barn. Check out three keys to having a healthy barn for your horses.

Make Sure it’s Well-ventilated

Your horses need clean, fresh air to thrive while in the barn. Also, the air must keep moving, so mold, harmful gases, bacteria, and debris don’t build up. You can keep the air fresh, clean, and moving with a combination of vents, windows, and fans. This simple upgrade will help you keep your horses healthy.

Control the Temperature

Horses don’t like extreme temperatures or big fluctuations. If they’re forced to deal with extreme temperatures, they could suffer from hypothermia, dehydration, and heatstroke. They might even starve themselves to death when dealing with extreme temperatures. Insulate the barn to keep heat and cold out. Then the fresh air you provide will keep your horses comfortable.

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Protect Horses From Pests

Have you noticed that rodents and insects like to set up shop in the barn? Between the warm bedding and food, barns are extremely attractive to them. However, they do more than eat and sleep inside of the barn. They can also carry diseases and fleas that end up infesting your horses. It’s not just about health, either. Pests can wreak havoc on your barn, destroying it in the process. Thus, pest protection is a vital component of maintaining a healthy barn.

First, you need to start with a strong structure. Begin by locating areas where pests can sneak in and fix the areas now. Then move onto the food. It should be sealed when the horses aren’t eating so pests can feast on it. Pests are a lot less likely to stick around if they don’t have access to grub.

You also need to use some pest control methods in your barn. You can use natural fly sprays to keep flies, mosquitoes, and other pests at bay. Keep in mind that most natural insect repellents have to be reapplied regularly, or they’ll lose their effectiveness. If you spray the horses and barn once, the solution won’t get the job done for the long haul. Read the instructions carefully and apply as needed.

If you handle these three things, your horses will thrive. Plus, you’ll enjoy your time in the barn a lot more when you aren’t sharing the space with pests and extreme heat or cold. With that in mind, set everything up today. Then you and your horses can enjoy the barn.

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