Tips For Storing Seeds

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Consider how amazing seeds are. These small items grow into towering trees, fruitful plants, and gorgeous flowers. However, nothing is more frustrating when you intend to plant a garden or beautify your yard than when seeds won’t grow. Moreover, maybe you’ve pulled out a package of seeds only to find out it’s half-empty. By following some easy tips, you can properly store the seeds you’ll need later and enjoy the fabulous results. Effective storage will help the seeds grow better and last longer.

Pick a Dry Environment

Firstly, seeds require a particular setting in which to grow well. This doesn’t just mean planting them correctly but storing them properly. If you don’t do this, you can’t expect the results you want when planting season and harvesting time arrive. You’ll need to store your seeds in a dry place. Consequently, they will germinate well.

Keep it Cool

Furthermore, make sure the seeds are in a consistently cool spot. For instance, it’s best to store them at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too warm, the seeds could dry out and lead to mold growth. But don’t let it be too cold; this can kill the seeds.

Seeds Love the Dark

Many plants require sunlight to grow (though some can thrive in the shade), but it’s a different story for seeds. For example, storing seeds in direct sunlight can be harmful. Instead, it’s best to store them in a dark place. A good plan is to place them in an airtight tube or package.

Effective Storage Devices for Seeds

There isn’t one particular method for storing seeds that you always need to use. There are plenty of creative, effective options. People find success keeping seeds in glass jars, paper envelopes, or simply keeping them in the seed packets they come in. Plastic bags and tins can also work. Some people even put them in photo cases or old library card catalogs. Anything can work well as long as the storage device is clean, large enough, and airtight.

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Organization is Critical

If you have gone through the trouble of storing your seeds, don’t forget to organize them. If you keep the seeds in a place other than the original seed package, make sure you label the storage item. You’ll want to know what it is, including the variety of fruit or vegetable you’re going to plant. In addition, you can organize the seeds by categories, such as in plant families or types of fruit or vegetable.

Without a doubt, you can enjoy the planting season when you store your seeds properly. Even better, you can have a successful crop this season.

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