10 Tips For Packing Up Christmas Decorations

Young woman unpacked the Christmas Tree box and taking out the Christmas Tree from the cargo box in the her living room.

You’ve spent a wonderful holiday with family members and friends. However, now it’s time to put all the decorations away. Due to feeling tired, some people throw things in a box until it’s time to decorate their homes again. Okay, that’s understandable. Even so, there’s a better way. These 10 tips will make packing all your Christmas decorations faster and easier.

Put Garland in Plastic Bottles

Don’t recycle all your water bottles. Instead, keep several to store Christmas garlands. For this, put the strings of garland inside the bottles. They’ll slide right in and out without becoming tangled.

Plastic See-through Storage Bags

The same plastic storage bags used for food are great for Christmas decorations. After all, you can use them for smaller ornaments, faux flowers, and even metal hooks used to hang ornaments. Besides, since they’re see-through, you can easily identify each bag’s contents.

Repurpose Egg Cartons

Whether made of Styrofoam or cardboard, egg cartons work great for smaller Christmas decorations. After putting the items inside, you can snap the lid closed. Remember, even if you put them in larger boxes with other stored decorations, the contents won’t spill out.

Wrap the Tree in Plastic

Do you have an artificial Christmas tree? If so, there’s no need to disassemble it. Instead, you can push all the branches toward the center and then wrap the entire thing in plastic. However, if you’re looking for a tip that’ll save even more time, you can keep the decorations on the tree and then wrap them.

Use Dust Sheets for the Tree

Another great way to store an artificial Christmas tree is to wrap it neatly inside a dust cloth. When done, you can store it flat or hang it, so it’s out of the way until the next holiday season.

Plastic Cups Are Great for Ornaments

Especially if you have any glass or other fragile ornaments, you want to store them, so they don’t break. For this, all you need are some sturdy plastic cups. After placing the ornaments inside, cut a circle of cardboard and put it on top to prevent them from falling out.

Wrapping the Lights

Of all the different decorations, the lights are the most problematic. Often, they end up a mess even when carefully placed in a box. Here’s a much better option. Cut pieces of cardboard so they’ll fit inside a box. Then wrap the lights around those pieces. They’ll stay organized for next year.

Use Dowel Rods for the Ornaments

In this case, buy two dowel rods so they’ll fit snugly inside a plastic tote. Next, hang your ornaments on the rods. Finally, place the rods in a tote box, so each end sits firmly against the sides lengthwise.

Storing Wreaths

To protect your wreaths from damage, here are two great ideas. First, add a piece of wood inside of a closet that you can slip them over. Second, install a curtain rod in your basement, attic, laundry room, or another area. Put the wreaths in plastic garbage bags and use metal hooks to hang them from the rod.

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Use an Inexpensive Clothes Rack

For around $30, you can buy a clothes rack to store your Christmas decorations. It’s great for hanging an artificial tree. In addition, you can use it to hang wreaths. Even better, purchase a rack with both a top and bottom shelf. That way, you’ll have extra space for smaller boxes and containers.

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