Bring The Family To The Santa Museum

Children visiting Santa

There’s no need to wait for Santa Claus to come to town when you live in Columbus, TX. He’s already here, and you can take in the magic at the Santa Claus Museum. The museum will be open for the season on Fridays and Saturdays from Dec. 1-18. You can stop by from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and admission is free. Gather up your little ones and get ready for a trip to the North Pole via Columbus.

Thousands of Santas From Around the World

Why visit one Santa when you can see thousands? The Santa Claus Museum is home to three collections, and when you add them together, you end up with almost 3,000 versions of Kris Kringle. Each collection has an assortment of items, including figurines, dolls, ornaments, photos, and artwork. And since Santa is a global traveler, these items come from around the world.

While the collection spans the globe, it all started right here in Columbus, with local resident Mary Elizabeth Hopkins. She started collecting Santas back in the 1970s, and the collection grew large enough to open a museum. Then the curators added the other collections later.

Museum Highlights

While all the collections are impressive, some items are show-stoppers. First, there’s the close-to-life-sized Santa. The Santa got its start at a department store in Texas, and now it’s here to welcome guests. You can also view some Norman Rockwell pieces when you visit. Rockwell’s wholesome pieces will help you get into the holiday spirit. Oh, you can even see a Russian nesting Santa during your tour. While these are the highlights, be sure to take some time to view each unique piece.

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Send a Letter to Santa

Have your kids write letters before you visit the museum. There’s a big mailbox outside the museum, and all the letters go straight to the North Pole.

The Santa Claus Museum is a real treat over the holiday season. Be sure to stop by to admire the collections and get a heavy dose of holiday spirit.

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