How To Clean Up Fireworks

Hand holding lit sparkler in front of the American Flag for 4th of July celebration

Like many people in Columbus, TX, you probably have many Fourth of July traditions. For example, a nice picnic or barbecue with family and friends is a great way to celebrate the holiday, whether you are gathering with family today or later this week. But perhaps nothing says Fourth of July quite like fireworks. Whether watching a big show or lighting off your own at home, this can be an exciting way to spend Independence Day. If you are doing fireworks at your place this summer, ensure you know how to clean up afterward. There are some simple steps to ensure you do so safely and completely.

Prevent Messes

It’s inevitable that fireworks are going to leave black ash and other chemical residues behind. Thus, this can create quite a mess on your sidewalk or porch. But you can prevent this from ever happening, saving you cleanup hassles. The best way to do this is to place a tarp underneath the fireworks you’ll light off. Get a tarp large enough for all the firework remnants you’ll have. This will keep stains off your sidewalk and help it look nice for much longer.

Grab a Power Washer

If you forget to put down some protection on the ground, never fear. You still have some tools to clean up thoroughly after the fireworks show. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to other stains on the walkway. A power washer is an excellent way to clean up the blackness and other stains. The good news is that you won’t have to spend much money paying a professional to handle this job. You can rent a machine from a local home improvement store.

In addition, power washers are easy to operate. Moreover, they are effective at getting off anything from the ground. Just make sure you read the directions carefully and use the device properly. More importantly, your sidewalk, driveway, or porch will look even better than before the Fourth of July celebration.

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Use Chlorine and Bleach

A power washer doesn’t have to be your only option to clean up after fireworks. In fact, you may have some household items on hand. Chlorine and bleach make a good combination for cleaning up fireworks residue. The solution is especially appropriate for outdoor surfaces. When you use these chemicals, however, be cautious. Wear protective gloves and goggles to prevent injuries.

After the fireworks have died down and the Fourth of July festivities are over, it’s time to clean up. Don’t let stains set in on your property where you lit off the fireworks. Instead, try these tricks to keep the area looking nice after your big night of fun and celebration.

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