Make This Year’s Easter Eggs With A Texas Twist

Easter eggs with confetti

Have you ever been to Fiesta San Antonio? If so, you have probably seen cascarones. The confetti-filled eggs are basically Easter eggs and party favors rolled into one. And while you can’t eat cascarones, they’re a fun way to add a Texas twist to your Easter celebration. Find out how to make cascarones so you can take part in this Texas tradition.

Prepare the Eggs

You can make as many cascarones as you want, so gather a bunch of eggs. Then take a small kitchen knife and train it on one end of the egg. While some people stab the eggs, that can cause quite a mess. Instead, rotate the knife until the blade creates a small hole in the shell.

Then let the egg whites and yolks drain out of the egg. Without the insides, the shell will be fragile, so handle it very gently from this point forward.

Dye the Eggshells

Now, it’ll be time to add some color to the eggshells. You can use commercial egg dye if you have some on hand. If not, dyeing the eggs with diluted food coloring will do the trick.

Regardless of which you choose, you have a couple of options for applying the dye. You can dunk the eggshells, just as you would with an Easter egg if you’d like. However, you can also use a paintbrush to dye the egg if you want to create a special design.

Add Additional Decorations

Give the eggs time to dry before moving forward. Then you’ll be ready to finalize the design. You can use glitter, fingerpaint, markers, and other tools to enhance the looks of your cascarones. Some people go all out by sketching designs on the cascarones before applying acrylic paint. Still, others apply paint with feathers to give the eggs a unique look. You can do anything you want but be very careful, so you don’t break the eggshells.

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Add the Confetti

Once the eggshells dry, it’ll be time to add the confetti. First, place the confetti in a bowl and grab a spoon. Then gently spoon the confetti into the small hole. Finally, you’ll need to cover the hole by gluing some tissue paper over it. That way, the confetti won’t come out until you break the egg.

Cascarones take some patience to make, but they aren’t that difficult. As long as you work slowly and gently, your eggshells should remain intact. Then you can use them for your Easter egg hunt or party favors during your celebration.

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