Make This DIY Falling Leaves Centerpiece

Autumn maple tree leaves full frame arrangement with many colorful leaves

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather as a family and loved ones and reflect on the past year. Of course, this day always involves a big feast. Moreover, you may like to create a celebratory atmosphere by putting up decorations. For example, table centerpieces are a great way to spread holiday cheer and enhance your meal. If you’re looking for centerpiece ideas, try using fall leaves. You can arrange them in many different ways. Plus, there are centerpieces out of leaves that you can make at home by yourself.

Gather the Leaves You Want

If you want colorful leaves during the summer, spring, or winter, you’ll probably have to go to a craft or hobby store. However, it’s easy to choose vibrant leaves for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. All you need to do is go outside and look. For example, you might be able to choose some colorful leaves from your front or back yard. If your property lacks trees, go to a nearby park. Either way, you shouldn’t have to go far to start making your centerpiece. Get a good variety, and then sort them by size and color.

Work With Wax Paper

Secondly, you’ll need some wax paper to make this decoration. It’s important to have the right amount. To determine how much you’ll need, measure how far it is from the bottom of your chandelier to the surface of your table. You will then roll out the wax paper and cut a piece as long as this area.

Attach a Finishing Line

Thirdly, you should roll out the length of the finishing line. It needs to be 6 to 8 inches longer than the sheet of wax paper. To secure the line to each end of the wax paper, you can use tape such as painter’s tape. For best results, make sure you leave about 6 inches of finishing line hanging off the top edge of the paper.

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Time to Arrange the Leaves

Lastly, you have arrived at the finishing touches. At the top piece of the painter’s tape, arrange the leaves face-down on the paper. Do this from smallest to largest. Moreover, ensure they are about 2 or 3 inches apart down to the bottom of the wax paper. Place hot glue on the backs of the leaves and attach them to the paper. You can place as many leaves on the paper as you would like. Additionally, you can make multiple streamers by using more than one separate sheet of wax paper and similarly arranging the leaves.

Now that you know how to make this leaf centerpiece, you should plan on making it part of your Thanksgiving décor. Create it this holiday and turn your meal into a more festive celebration.

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