Impress Your Family With A Perfectly-Grilled Steak

Flame grilled steaks being flipped on barbecue with tongs.

How do you like your steak cooked? Whether you answered medium-rare, medium, or well-done, it’s no secret there’s nothing quite like a steak dinner. Although, there are many more factors that play into a delicious hunk of meat besides the temperature. If you find yourself visiting a local steakhouse and dropping top dollar for a high-quality cut of meat, use these steps to grill the perfect steak at home.

Start with Room Temperature

First things first, if you pull your steaks out of the fridge only to immediately throw them on the grill, you’re doing it wrong. Plan ahead by taking your steaks out of the fridge around 30 minutes before they hit the grill. By doing so, you’re allowing the coolness to leave the meat, which will make sure the steak doesn’t cook quicker on the outside than it does on the inside. Also, you can’t go wrong with a variety of marinades, if you really want to get fancy.

Properly Clean The Grill

Every time you use your grill, take the extra time to clean and oil it. If you don’t do this after every meal off the grill, flavors will be transferred from past meats. With the help of a stiff wire brush, your grill will be ready to master a delicious-tasting steak. After, coat your grill with your choice of oil by dipping it with a paper towel, whether you have canola or vegetable on hand.

Control the Heat

Another key component to a well-cooked piece of steak is maintaining the proper heat. At first, the heat setting should be set to high, making sure the outside of the steak achieves the perfect sear marks. The best way to check the temperature is to place your hand over the grill for one second, and if it’s too hot and you’re urging to pull away, it’s ready. Once cooked on the outside, to cook the inside, move the heat setting to medium.

Cooking Process

If you want to feel like a true gourmet chef, you’ll need to learn the touch trick. With the touch of a finger, if the meat feels squishy, it is still rare. Although, medium-cooked steaks will resist the touch, and a steak cooked well-done will feel firm to touch. Don’t use anything but your finger, as an object will be too rough on the meat. Also, while you’re flipping game may seem strong, the steaks should only be flipped once.

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Finished Product

Once grilling is complete, let the meat sit for 5 to 10 minutes before digging in. The cooked steaks will have a few minutes to soak in the juices, making your anticipated first bite completely worth the wait.

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