Protect Farm Animals In The Sweltering Summer

Bearded Farmer Showing Love And Care For His Pigs

When the summer months come in Columbus, TX, you must be prepared to beat the heat. This isn’t just the case for yourself but for the animals on your farm. For example, poor preparation could cause your animals to become sick or suffer other health problems. Animals such as horses, cows, pigs, and sheep can succumb to the intense heat. Luckily, there are things you can do to cool them off and keep them safe when the weather gets rough this summer.

Keep the Water Clean and Cool

Livestock is no different than humans regarding their need for water. Farm animals need a consistent supply of water, especially in the summer. If your farm animals don’t have enough to drink this summer, they’ll become dehydrated. This will cause them to become sluggish and sick. More serious issues could follow. Firstly, put water troughs in a shady area to stay cool. Or, as an alternative, you can use automatic waterers. These devices replace the water with a cooler supply. The water comes out like a drinking fountain.

Ensure plenty of places for all animals to get the water they need. For instance, if you don’t have enough troughs or watering stations, larger, more dominant animals may keep smaller ones from getting some. You can also freeze tubs of water overnight. By morning, you’ll have ice blocks that can cool down the watering troughs.

Keep Plenty of Shade Around

During the hottest days, the temperatures can be overwhelming for farm animals. In the shade, the temperatures can drop significantly and provide much relief. Moreover, it’s helpful to have many trees and large bushes to provide this much-needed shade. On the other hand, if our property lacks these, you can make a shade structure. Do this by using four wooden posts and a tarp. Ensure that there is lots of ventilation in these structures and other areas where your animals are staying.

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Wet it Down

Farm animals will look for water anywhere, not just to drink but to stay cool. Livestock will play and frolic in ponds or streams if you have them. If you don’t, do what you can to create these areas. A sprinkling system on the farm can help cool down the animals. Water down the barn area for 5–10 minutes every hour during the heat of the day.

In summary, caring for your animals during the summer is vital for their health and well-being. Don’t let them fall prey to the effects of the hot sun during these months. So follow these tips to cool down your livestock and keep them healthy and happy.

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