Protect Your Produce From Frost This Fall

Winter vegetable garden

You spent the spring and summer getting your garden in tip-top shape, and you don’t want the frost to ruin it. If you don’t have a plan in place, the frost can prevent your plants from getting essential fluids and nutrients, possibly killing your crops. Fortunately, you can protect your produce from frost by following these tips.

Insulate the Garden

Do you want to keep growing produce, even as the temperatures get cooler? You can do just that by installing hoop houses. The hoops and frames are covered in greenhouse plastic wrap, so you won’t have to worry about frost harming your garden. If you’re handy, you can make a hoop house yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t want to take this project on, though, since you can also order a hoop house online.

Follow a Watering Schedule

While it seems like watering your plants would cause frost to build up, the fluid provides insulation. However, you do need to be mindful of the timing when watering your plants. Wait until the sun comes up, and then provide ample water. If you don’t make it out early in the day, you can water your plants any time before the sun goes down. However, the closer you get to sunset, the less water you should give your plants. If you wait too late, the soil won’t have enough time to absorb the water before the sun goes down. Then, it won’t provide the insulation your plants need.

Protect Your Produce With Mulch

You can protect your produce from frost by covering it with mulch. Mulch insulates the roots, soil, and plants, even during significant cold snaps. You don’t even have to go out and buy mulch. You can make use of the falling leaves to create your own.

Use the Cloche Technique

The cloche technique is yet another method for insulating your garden. Place plastic or glass bell-shaped containers over the plants. This method does an amazing job of trapping heat, so your plants won’t be exposed to frost. However, the heat can become too much on scorching days. If it gets too warm, remove the containers during the day and put them back at night.

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Move Your Produce Inside

Your plants will get all the protection they need if you move them inside for the fall and winter. First, you’ll need to use a shovel to dig up the plants. Do your best to preserve the roots when digging the plants out of the ground. Then put them in a pot and add some additional soil. Once they’re ready, put them in your house or a greenhouse. You can even place them in the garage if you have some extra space.

These methods will help you keep your garden in great shape this season. Choose one or two methods and then get to work. Your garden will be ready to stand up to the frost in no time.

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