See What’s New For The 2023 Ford Bronco

Since 1966, the Ford Bronco has been an iconic and beloved vehicle. In fact, many people love to collect and restore older versions of the model. But the newest Broncos offer many features, comfort, and performance. Come see what’s new for the 2023 Ford Bronco.

New Ford Bronco Models in the Summer of 2022

Ford is offering two new models for the summer of 2022 that you will want to see. The Bronco Raptor™ comes with features you need to tackle high-speed off-roading. This first-ever model comes with the HOSS 4.0 suspension and a ton of other powerhouse features. In addition, the Bronco Everglades™ can handle more than just a few puddles in its path. In fact, the Everglades model comes standard with a factory-installed Ford Performance by WARN® winch kit.

The Ford Bronco Heritage Editions

Many Bronco owners and buyers are excited that Ford is recalling the original design in the newest Bronco editions. From squared-off fenders to white painted wheels, the Heritage Editions remind you of the original Bronco styling but offer modern power. In addition, other key details throw it back to that 1966 look. For example, the Heritage Edition showcases Tu-tone paint and plaid upholstery on the seating. And the instrument panels and other small details all unite to honor the Bronco’s long history.

Feature-Loaded Packages to Fit Your Lifestyle

In 2023, there will be a Ford Bronco for everyone and every lifestyle. With eight packages, including the Raptor and the Everglades, you will find a Bronco that works for you. But even the Basic package offers exceptional performance standards. For example, the Base packaging in the Sasquatch™ includes 4X4 with five G.O.A.T. Modes™. In addition, the Base package includes 30-inch tires on 16-inch painted steel wheels.

Additional Features Take You Everywhere

The Bronco is the perfect off-roading companion and comes standard with trail-ready features. In fact, you’ll love how it handles boulders and rough terrain with ground clearance options. The Base gives you 8.3 inches, and you can get up to 13.1 inches with the Raptor. In addition, there are four HOSS Systems specific to certain models.

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The Bronco Life

Many people try out the Bronco and find a whole community waiting for them. In fact, you can take your Bronco to play at one of the four amazing Off-Rodeo sites. Each one offers adventure and fun for every off-roading skill level. And there are other ways to connect with fellow Bronco owners and the outdoors. The Bronco Wild Fund and Bronco Nation are additional perks of owning this iconic vehicle.

The 2023 Ford Bronco carries on the classic lineage that owners and fans have loved for decades. And at Cavender Ford in Columbus, Texas, you can test-drive the newest Bronco. Whether you’re new to the Bronco or you’ve owned one before, it’s worth checking out. Fall in love all over again with this favorite and visit today.


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