Visit The Santa Claus Museum This Christmas

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For both the young and old, the image of Santa Claus is one of the biggest symbols of the Christmas season. There’s no better place to see St. Nick this Christmas than at the Santa Claus Museum in Columbus, TX. This unique museum enthralls people of all ages and backgrounds. Plan on coming here in the days and weeks leading up to what is the most magical time of the year. Your anticipation for Christmas will grow when you immerse yourself in what this place offers.

Museum Overview

The Santa Claus Museum houses more than 3,000 Santa Claus pieces. You can adore figurines, music boxes, needlework, photos, ornaments, and artwork of St. Nicholas. Furthermore, there are a total of three collections to see, including dolls and dishes of Santa as well.

The museum opened its doors in 1990 and stood alone as the only museum of its kind in the Southern United States. You can visit on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Dec. 1-17, 19-23, and 26-30. However, it is possible to come outside of these times. To do so, call the facility at 979-732-8385. It is located at 604 Washington St. in Columbus.


The Hopkins Collection is one of the three to explore at the Santa Claus Museum. It comprises the Santa Claus items that Mary Elizabeth Youens Hopkins once owned. Throughout her life, she collected various Sana items. She had a wide range of Santas, including those made of China, cast iron, bottle glass, basket weave, corn husks, fabric, dough, wood, and magazines. In 1990, when Ms. Hopkins died, her family donated her collection to the museum. It consisted of 2,500 pieces. In fact, it was this collection that helped start the museum.

The Luman Collection and Hubenak Collection are the two others to see here. Elaine and Merle Luman donated Santas they collected throughout the world, including those from Russia. Elaine Luman also made Santas from needlework, which are on display here. Furthermore, Neva Lu and Al Hubenak helped increase the collection at the Santa Claus Museum by donating more than 400 Santa figurines to the museum.

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The Columbus Historic Preservation Trust owns the Santa Claus Museum. Administrators encourage people to donate to the museum to help it thrive so everyone can enjoy it this Christmas season and beyond. You can donate $15, $30, $50, $75, $100, or any amount you can. Importantly, the donations go toward things such as field trips for students, display cabinets, renovations, and museum utility bills.

This Christmas, make sure you spend time at the Santa Claus Museum. Set aside a day to come and marvel at the fantastic sights of Santa Claus images of all types.

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